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Our online store has a flexible discount system, if you are not satisfied with the base price, you can make an advance payment or order several products and the price will change significantly.
We are pleased to offer our regular customers a discount of 3%.

You get a discount automatically:

With prepayment.
When ordering more than 3 products
When re-ordering.
If you make an order with a prepayment through the bank, you will receive a 5% discount on all products.
If you make an order with prepaid electronic money WebMoney, etc., you will receive a discount of 7% on all products.
When ordering from 3 items at a time, you will receive a discount of 5% -20% *.
5% - when ordering 3 products
7% - when ordering 4 products
9% - when ordering 5 products
11% - when ordering 6 products
13% - when ordering 7 products
15% - when ordering 8 products
17% - when ordering 9 products
19% - when ordering 10 products
20% - when ordering more than 10 products
When re-ordering you will receive a discount of 3% on all products.

If you have already placed an order in our store, then your order must have a coupon with a unique 10-digit number.
To get a discount, you must enter in the line "(coupon for a discount)" a ten-digit number indicated in the coupon - 10 digits, and the discount is activated automatically.

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