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Infrared electric dryer "ground"

Производитель (импортер): Россия
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Infrared electric dryer "ground" for vegetables, mushrooms, berries.
The “ground” dries qualitatively, the products quickly get a presentation. Without additives, preservatives and dyes, retaining useful properties, the products are ready for long-term storage!

Power consumption 0.1 kW
Operating mode: unlimited
Norm of loading: 2 kg
Exit time: 3 minutes
Minimized dimensions: 50 x 10 cm
Overall dimensions: 50 x 50 x 0.8 cm
Weight: 500 gr

A huge plus of the “Samobranka” electric dryers is its compactness and low weight. Easy to transport, which means you can easily take the dryer with you to the cottage. Takes up little storage space.

Expand the dryer and lay it on a flat surface, patterned up. Place the grid on top (it speeds up the drying process). Place the dried product on top, evenly spreading it over the entire surface. The finer it is cut, the faster the drying will occur. Turn on the device in the socket. Stir the product to be dried every 2-3 hours. The more often you do this, the faster and better the product will dry.

After drying, unplug the "ground" from the network and wipe with a damp cloth. Roll into a roll (pattern OUTDOOR) and secure it with the supplied rings.

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