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Phyto-lamp Solntsedar D-28 COMFORT with white light

Производитель (импортер): Россия
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We are glad to offer you our next development - the LED phyto-lamp Soltsedar D-28 COMFORT with white light based on modern three-spectral LED chips. The ratio of the spectra in the used LEDs is chosen in such a way that the color of their luminescence is as close as possible to the natural light of ordinary household lamps. It favorably emphasizes the beauty of the leaves and flowers, while possessing a pronounced phyto-effect. This allows you to use this lamp for lightening seedlings and indoor plants at home, so it gives a soft and pleasant light, familiar to the human eye.


Power supply, V 190-240 AC

Frequency of supply voltage, Hz 50

Power consumption, W not more than 28

Protection class, IP, according to GOST 14254-80 20 (for dry rooms)

Overall dimensions, mm 595 * 295 * 30

Height of location above plants, mm 100 - 1000

Illuminated area, m. 0.5-0.7

Weight, kg 1.5

Luminous flux in the area of ​​PAR (at a distance of 30 cm) -

W / m2 - not less than 20.9

PPFD, µmol / s * m2 - not less than 102.1

Efficiency. "Solntsedar D-28 COMFORT with white light" designed specifically to fill the lack of sunlight in growing seedlings and incorporates special LEDs of the plant spectrum, which most effectively contribute to the healthy growth and development of seedlings, which allows significantly more than 25 percent reduce the time from planting to obtain the finished crop.

Practicality. The spectrum of LEDs and their number are selected in such a way that this lamp is able to serve as an additional source of illumination with a lack of sunlight, it can also be used as the main illumination for growing seedlings of most garden and houseplants.

Efficiency. Due to the high efficiency of plant LEDs and the absence of a radiation spectrum that is useless for plants, the cost of electricity compared to traditional sources of additional illumination is reduced by 6-8 times - because the power consumption of the "Soltsedar FITO D-30" is only 22 W, and the illumination area can reach 0.7 sq. m. meter! In this case, about 12 kopecks will be spent on electricity during the 12 hours of operation of the lamp.

The convenience of use. Thanks to the supplied supports, the installation and adjustment of the height of the luminaire, depending on the size of the seedlings, is easy and fast.

Safety use. The “Solntsedar FITO D-30” luminaire does not contain fragile glass elements with environmentally hazardous components that can injure a person and harm the environment in the event of careless handling. In addition, the luminaire components do not heat up above 30-35 degrees even with constant work for several days and are not capable of causing a burn.

Durability. The service life of LEDs - at least 50,000 hours, which means that with daily use of the lamp for 12 hours, it will serve you more than 15 years!

Warranty and service. The warranty period for the product is 36 months, in case of failure of the lamp, we simply change it to a new one within one day.

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